what the?…

I am the opposite of a Luddite. Toys are awesome! Techy toys are more awesome. And, a DVR is the best for watching just programs and not TV. I realized that my ‘cringe factor’ is not only alive and well, but able to control the fast forward button on the remote and I don’t have to listen to every word. When the character makes a stupid mistake [like Arthur killing the king in  His Father’s Son on the advice of Uncle Agravaine ] I can speed past. I mean. I know this will only come to no good. Duh! Plot device! When the character is duped, I’m back to speeding. If there were DVR police,  I should get speeding tickets. Hear every single word? Not necessary. Except. I do listen to every word of Once Upon A Time. Confession time. I’m a willing suspension of belief TV watcher. Go ahead. Throw it at me. But this, now this, I’m baffled by the last (?) scene in the Skin Deep Episode. Okay, here’s the scene.

EQ walks to a door with an Exit Sign. Looks semi-furtively back at the flower man, Belle’s dad and a once upon a time ruler. EQ punches buttons on a control pad, walks down stairs, hands a rose to the nurse at the counter and asks if ‘She had any visitors?’ The nurse says, ‘no’ and then ‘not ever’.  But EQ’s gone by now, with the Cheshire Cat knowing smile, and looking through a door at Belle, only not Belle, because we don’t know her Storybrooke, Maine name. Interesting. Yes. Intriguing. Maybe. More like disconnect. Total.

So. EQ? How many people know the exit door goes down stairs? How many have the code? Who was the sketchy guy in the hospital gown and broom in the hallway? Seriously? Visitors? You don’t make mistakes like that. So. Armor chink?

Of course I’ll watch tomorrow’s episode. But. Hello, producers, directors, writers…you’ve put me in a difficult place. You’ve made my willingness to accept your twists and turns a bit more guarded. Beware!