Month: May 2022

The Use/Abuse of Numbers

Coming up on our busy calendar is the twenty-fifth anniversary of our move here, to this town, in this house. I don’t think this is worthy of a celebration, more worthy of acknowledgement, long time spent in a place, the possibility of roots. But it did make me think about numbers–more as words than as arithmetic or math–and how we use and abuse numbers.
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I have stuff. I am a keeper of stuff. I buy plastic boxes because cardboard just doesn’t do it. For me it is memory, saving memories. I have been pretty good at keeping mostly, mostly carrying a lot of weight, stuff that is important to my life and to our life. When we moved from Massachusetts to North Carolina, I cleaned out a lot–not good at yard sales, but rather good at Habitat and Goodwill. I spent the better part of two Christmas seasons after Tom retired cleaning out all the decorations.

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In Praise of Fresh Starts

In North Carolina, like much of the East Coast, there is that slice of the year–days only– that is bereft of humidity or cold or heat. If you don’t pay attention, you miss it in all it’s glory. It’s where the weather is almost not there. You walk outside to a silken breeze and sunshine peeking through leaves. And it always reminds me of the first day of school! Continue reading