We have turned off the news at night in favor of a story. We’ve watched ALL of Midsomer Mysteries, all of Vera, Father Brown and then we started on Endeavour. We moved from there to Morse and now we are midway through Lewis. I will be sad to leave Oxford.

In each of these series I’ve found a catch phase that is like a through line in the show. In Endeavour it was Mind how you go…. that Inspector Thursday used as a send off. I liked that. Better than ‘cheers’ and sort of the Brit equivalent of ‘be safe out there’.

In Lewis the one that strikes me is ‘What Joy?’ when asking if there is good news. I like that too. Lewis’s joy relates information that will close the murder case.

Joy is, like happiness, something you can not seek, but it does find you, and when it does you hold on to it. When we were weeks out from dose#2 we decided it was time to leave the island, to land the skiff at the dock and go back to our home, going to grocery stores, getting to the hair salon, what might have been insipid or banal a year ago, suddenly felt like the most marvelous adventure. During our shopping trip we met the store manager who welcomed us back with flowers. A week later the flower still brighten our table. What joy!