I d
on’t ever remember not knowing story. For what are we but stories? Stories dating back to the beginning of time, echoed over and over again. Stories pierced with truth, propelled by smart characters, entertaining us, comforting us, jarring us into new attitudes and toward new ideas.

“Fool!” said my muse to me, “look into thy heart and write.”

And so, I do!


I’m lucky enough to work with a wonderful group that is part critique, a smattering of therapy and an informal writing workshop. We call ourselves SOUP. Over in the side column you can click on links and find out how super they all are.

Community is important. Writing can be solitary. And as a writer I want to associate with the best! I am a member of The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, and, after 12 years as a volunteer in the regional team, a Regional Advisor Emerita <RAE> of SCBWI Carolinas. And, because I grew up reading mysteries and thrillers of all types, I am a member of Sisters in Crime and of the North Carolina Triad Chapter, Murder We Write.