Month: December 2014

Now there are two….

Now there are two baby grands. Emmeline born in September, and Mia born in December. Almost, well, exactly three months apart.  It was amazing to see them side by side. It was remarkable that my baby daughters had baby daughters.

I gave the expected Grandmommy prayer: Lord, let my girls have children exactly like themselves!

LOL, that may be more a curse than a prayer, but still.  It is remarkable to see how each are talking about, caring for and loving their child. And it is different. I will not speculate which might be better or worse, because who knows?

I remember when I had just delivered Meghan, I was in the recovery room talking to my best friend. “Congratulations,” she said. I laughed. “Congratulate me when she turns twenty one and is a productive, intelligent, giving, loving member of society,” I answered. And I meant it.

Seems very random to say congratulations when it is just the beginning. Congratulations on producing an offspring? Every animal can do that. Congratulations that you made it through the pregnancy and the delivery? Yes, that may be, because even though we are a society that is medically advanced, it doesn’t mean that death does not loom somewhere in the distance. Congratulations that you are now responsible for another life, their education, their socialization, their cultural upbringing, ha! congratulations on just taking on a full-time, life-time job of bringing another life into the world?

Congratulations to the grandparents? LOL, that’s sort of like, “well, you’ve lived long enough to see your progeny.” And, yes for that I am grateful and appreciate the gift, not everyone is able.

These are beautiful children, blank slates in the sense that there is so much they can be taught, that they can learn, that they can do. But not blank truly in that each of them has a personality and we are able to watch in wonder as it emerges, sometimes as early as the first day, and more unfolding like a map toward a great treasure. Because surely these children are treasures, and they are treasured.

So Congratulations Emmeline and Mia, we have high hopes, lots of love and are ready to watch you become.

White Collar

Okay, this is a gripe, a complaint, a boo-I think you blew it. Yikes!

To the producers of the television show, White Collar:

How did you possibly think that that was a good ending? I mean. Seriously? Throughout the entire series we saw Neal evolve into a person who appreciated family, who found that there were stable people in his life that he could count on, even when sometimes counting on them failed, and failed badly. But they came back and so did he. They were there for each other.

Neal grew up from the man-child who made the con and left, to the man who stayed and helped do what was right and proper. And yet….sheeze, I was so disappointed.

Yes, the clues were excellent that he was planning a real escape. Yes, the clues were there [cue eyes-widening] that the FBI might not let him off the hook even though there was an iron-clad contract. Yes, the clues were there that Neal was going for something BIG and BEYOND.

Good death scene by the way. Yes, I mean it. And, I appreciate that Keller died, although I think that may have been an extreme, but he was certainly a baddie, and rough justice or not, he did not deserve to go on.

But where you really lost me, and where I may never trust you again, is when Mozzie never seemed concerned about the money he walked away with. Come on! 23 Million! Seriously? Where Mozzie was still in NYC a year later going supposedly through the seven different levels of grief, or is it five?  Where Mozzie stopped by to see baby Neal [schmaltzie by the way!]. Really? Mozzie didn’t have a clue?  You lied to us here. Either Mozzie wasn’t as brilliant as we all have been led to believe and have seen, or you really didn’t think to finish off his character appropriately. Or, you’re getting ready for a Mozzie and the Suit series…No, after this, I won’t watch it.

Oh, and here’s another WOWZER, it took the great FBI agent Peter Burke a year! a whole year! to investigate the key? And how did the stuff get into the storage compartment anyway?

But the worst, the most egregious, the most out-of-character part of it, was that Neal would be happy in Paris with no one he had come to think of as family over the course of the entire series. You left Neal alone, alone at the end of the series, alone again, able to go back to his former man-child life, when he had become oh-so much better.

Signed, a terribly disappointed fan.