puppy joy….

when Bayley was in high school an upper classmen  [or is it class woman since she was in an all girls school? do they even use that term today?] said that all cute dogs are always puppies. And so they are.

Our puppies, well, the three we have now, Grady having given us amazing joy, are worth their weight in fun and games. Sammy, that little rat terrier in the front, can not imagine a dog too big, a challenge to hefty, a chair too high. He’s up for it all. And if he doesn’t get enough face time then he appears and barks until it happens.

Missy, the coon hound on the right, really just want to have her twenty two hours of sleep daily. She’s not fussy. It can be on the grass, in a chair, on the deck, on the sidewalk or when too hot, on the tile floor in the bathroom! She is annoyed by thunder storms and anyone trying to feed her Denta sticks. Nope, she will turn up her nose at a treat if it is not in the appropriate form.

And Marcus. Never should have been named Marcus. We should have named him Eeyore. He’s afraid of everything, has a tail that could wipe out thousands and the softest coat, just like a Gunn bear. Soft.

I don’t often give them credit for what they add to our lives. So. Thanks,  guys.