Somewhere along the line, how cliché of me, I left my ability to multi-task lying by the wayside. Certainly not intentionally, but apparently it is gone, disappeared, either walked away for lack of usage or just got angry at being misused and left. But it is certainly not here, or anywhere in my house.

And, now that I think about it, why is multi-tasking such a prized quality? Was it because I accomplished more, or was it because it looked impressive or because in the 70s and 80s, like the hurried child and the ‘having it all’, what you did was multi-task. Really, did I multi-task or did I just get a lot done in the day because I was so very focused? And even more than that, why was I so focused? Well, yes, I’ve got this one.  My brain had not been Googled, there was nothing for me to do but to accomplish, to get it done, to finish what I started and to do it well.

Computers were not so ubiquitous, not so accessible, and certainly not so portable. Today when I go anywhere I take, at the very least, my iPhone and my iPad.  With those two I can waste more time than I ever imagined back in college when my dorm room was the headquarters for Procrastination Inc. Even this, this blogging, this web logging, is a time suck in many ways. Yes, yes, lots of great things about it, but mostly, lol, I’m writing this to myself.

I can understand how you can become so enamored of your words and what you do. I am under no illusion, I doubt many read my musings. But it does amuse me, and forces me to think clearly about my sentence structure, phrasing, word usage, and voice. Ha! Is this mine or have I made this up?

So, no, I’m not multi-tasking, not at all, and happily, not even thinking about going there!