The NYC SCBWI Winter 2013 conference is a blur. It will take me weeks to process. I have flashes of what is good and great. The conference is like the old ‘onion’ metaphor. You peel back the layers. First, well, d’oh, it’s New York. A wonderful city we don’t really spend that much time in. Next year I think we’ll plan on a week up front or a week behind. [probably depends on who is running where and what we want to do.] Then there is the excitement of the keynote speakers. This year I was blown away by Meg Rostoff. Shoot! now I have to find her books and read them. In the afternoon, the amazing art of Shaun Tan and his THE ARRIVAL. The Oz contingent cheered.

Sunday am, the fabulous Margaret Peterson Haddix talked about story, my favorite thing, story. Following by Julie Andrews and her daughter, Emma Walton Hamilton. Sitting in the front row, yes, yes, just inches, well, feet, from the most well-known icon, it was a time to be dazzled and later understand they talked about collaboration, story, outline, mission statement, revision and editing. Yes, they did pack a lot into one hour. Closing keynote was Mo Willems. Funny, irreverent [did you expect anything less?] outrageous, and talented. I was so mesmerized I forgot to take notes. Ah, well, memories 🙂

But by far the best part of the conference is the connecting; with friends, with acquaintances, with editors and agents who are open and interested. And now, back…