When I was at the University of Portland, Oregon, that is, I was a card carrying member of the Procrastination Club…Never Put off Until Tomorrow What You Can Put Off Until the Day After Tomorrow.  But it wasn’t true, I lied [well, it was the 60’s we all lied about something]. I like to be done. Have all my ducks in a row. Neat and Tidy [are there any more clichés I could use?] Probably, but I don’t remember them right now.

And, although my teachers and even my parents thought I was really doing nothing but avoiding, I was doing something. There. In the back side of my brain, there’s this little machine that keeps whirring, just humming along on what ever topic I choose to leave back there. I’ve been having a problem getting from here to there. Ever happen to you? Well, here I am, my main character in my MG story has a couple of irons in the fire, you know, the usual stuff, a dead body next door, a classmate whose mother is not dead, a bully

on the bus and  an older sister who is just about ballistic over being a senior, apparently some people just can’t handle the stress.

I know where the plot goes, but my MC? Not quite sure. So, I’m avoiding the problem. Writing this blog. Making book map of the characters. Avoidance.

Then. Hello, inspiration. Right. Just throw them into hot water.  HeeHee.