and new milestone behind us…

…tonight the rehearsal dinner and tomorrow Bayley and Dan will be, collectively and forever after, The Hochradel’s. WooHoo!

It was Miss Meghan who first looked upon each and every life event, sometimes with verve, sometimes with panache, and sometimes with a bit more pain than we all were expecting, and we all rejoiced in her progress….the first one in school, on a bike, ears pierced, boys calling, school dances, college applications, travel, graduate applications, marriage. MM moved along the road of life, scaled those milestones and left markers behind, some of value, some discarded because they were hers and not belonging to anyone else.

Then came Sweet Bayley who planted ‘done’ flag at the top and move onto the next one; making sure we would never, ever, to return to that place, time, or activity again. [Well, not never, 🙂 we may yet have grandchildren.] I can tell you when we no longer carried the humongous diaper bag on family trips, when day care became a distant memory, the last time we had a babysitter, when we moved past cupcakes at school, chaperoning field trips, the last time I had to drive with a daughter, I mean HAD TO, the last summer job, the last college graduation.

Tomorrow Bayley and Dan wed. A huge life marker. And, tomorrow, Saturday, December 10, officially and without a doubt, our entire family dynamic changes. We are no more the four Fannins. Not a whole unto ourselves any longer, more an amalgam, a grouping. We are now something different. With more diverse interests.

Congratulations to the newly weds, The Hockradels, and The Vogts. Thank you. For bringing a new zest, excitement, direction and joy to this family. WooHoo, indeed!



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