-60 days and counting….

One of the hardest things about a blog is why. Why would anyone write their thoughts outloud for everyone to read, although, some people do have better thoughts than others. 🙂  Why would I live my life on a website? So. I guess the best thing is to find a reason to blog. And I have been searching. Do I want to review books I’ve read. Do I want to talk about the things I’m learning about writing? About voice? About style? What about the work I do for SCBWI as RA? That’s a lot of my time.

Well, they may be interesting and a way to record my thoughts, but I could just as easily write a journal on my computer.

Awake at 4:15 this morning, actually, it was closer to 4:12 AM, as if that matters, and thinking. Thinking wakes me up. And this morning’s thought centered on how well I was progressing with Aaron’s story, but beyond that:

  • 1. I should be getting editors/art directors for the contest in February,
  • 2. writing to speakers for the fall conference,
  • 3. and not necessarily in this order, getting the Graphics Novel workshop on track and
  • 4. follow up on an offer by an editor to do a program in May in Chapel Hill.

And, while I’m getting a headache from lying there thinking of all the things NOT GETTING DONE! the thought occurred to me that what was probably more important to me right now is the upcoming retirement of Sir Thomas. Who deserves to retire. No question. He has created a quality of life for us and for the girls beyond wishes. He has lots of great qualities, and I love him, and now in just 60 days he will be home, full time, all the time, not going to work, here.

Here. Home. This has been my universe since I stopped working in the early 90’s. Good decision or bad decision, it was a decision made so that more time and energy could be spent on the girls. And now this universe will have another full-time permanent citizen. Not just some person here on a visa for the weekend. Or, dropping in for a holiday and then returning to the corporate world planet.  No. No. Moving off the corporate world into my house world. Whoa!

And this won’t be strange just for me. But for Tom, too. He’s in the process of winding down his job. He’s never before had months, well, three actually, to leave a job. He’s always had another position to go to. Another mountain to climb, a challenge, an opportunity, an upgrade. This time when he leaves, he leaves and stays. We’ve always, well, almost always, moved when he left a position. Not this time.

Why is this important? First off, it’s interesting. This is new. This is different. Exciting and scary at the same time. Second, this blog is about writing. Early, I say, Often is what I want, Lord, just Something would be great!   We’ll see…

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