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So. Finding books is alway tough. I want a story I can love…Yes. I appreciate good characters. But for me it’s more about plot and action. Where is the next big thing taking place? Is it so upsetting that I have to close my eyes? Reading Garth Nix , at the suggestion of the British Isles SCBWI ARA, I chose  Keys of the Kingdom. High concept. All about saving the world. And, yeah, I like those ‘the kid as hero’ books. I’m a true sucker for  rescuing the world…no matter what it takes…carrying a ring to a volcano, finding a sword….it really doesn’t matter, so when Arthur Penhaligon finds the House and the Morrow Days, which are people who control parts of The House. [the House being the true  universe as creafted by the Architect who is missing or disappeared] And. They all have gone rouge, failing their mission, hiding parts of the will so it can not make it okay, and Arthur becomes the true heir, well then I’m all over this. Mister Monday had the lower house, Grim Tuesday had the Pits of Nothing saying s lot about grim, and Drowned Wednesday had the Border Sea, hence drowned…and I have to say all that time in the secondary seas was not fun, a little boring, and except for the bit where they go into Drowned Wednesday, the whale and sort of solve everything.  Now I’m into Thursday and this one is more interesting. Arthur joins the house army,which fights the Nothing or the representatives of Nothing, the Nithlings.  There’s the Skinless Boy, the wings that not only fly but keep Suzy Tuquoise Blue invisible. And a better Leaf, Arthur’s friend from the Secondary Realm—Earth. So. I’m into it, but not as much as I though I would be considering books one and two. I would have thought Arthur would be a  bit smarter by now, but maybe I’m asking too much of an eleven year old,  I’ll keep I’ll let you know.

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