unresolved subplots…

Apparently I am a much more visual person than I previously thought. I have my DVR set to record all of the my favorite shows, regardless of whether they’re reruns or not.  Just because. Well sometimes there’s nothing on that I want to see and so I’d rather reread a book or revisit an episode than go to something new. This past episode of  Grimm. You know the story, right? Present day, a police man, named Nick Burkhardt,  a descendent of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, the fairytale brothers. These, then,[via NBC]  are true tales, the brothers told the stories because they could really see all the daemonfeuer’s, or, fuchsbau, or lowen.  In Grimm, the TV show, our erstwhile scion of all things fairytale, is a policeman, and, he’s rather a live & let live kind of guy. If they aren’t breaking the law, you know, enslaving, using, killing and/or eating normal everyday people, well then they can live. But if not, they are hunted down like the criminal they are and poof. By whatever method poof happens, it happens.

Now. Onto unresolved subplots and the strange things in the dark Grimm.  Although the website says Captain Renard is Nick’s politically adept superior officer and a descendant of a powerful line of Grimm royalty, I’m not sure I get that. Wouldn’t he have known all this time, prior to Aunt Mary, that is, that Nick was a Grimm? Is he trying to keep Nick alive? Does he want Nick dead but can’t kill another cop? Or is he using Nick to make sure that the fairytale population is kept in check? So a Grimm royal is part of the ‘fairytale’ bit, not really of our world? We’re into the second season, so a bit of resolution, if not total resolution would be awesome. Okay, yes, I am able to live with my disbelief suspended here, I’ll wait a while.

But, then, last week’s rerun of Let Your Hair Down. Whoa! There’s this young girl, abducted nine years ago, who fought off her kidnapper and survived in the woods all this time because she is a blutbad, like Monroe [who may be my favorite character, if for nothing else than his own perception of reality]. Great! Right? Until one night, when a very normal couple, camping in the woods are kidnapped by a ruthless drug dealer cum MJ grower. The couple thinks their life is over  when Voila! the guy is killed. They run away, get the police, etc. etc. We see them one more time telling the police all they know. Then ruthless’s two brothers want revenge for their brother’s killing and they kidnap the guy and hold him prisoner in their basement. With me so far? Okay. They, ruthless’s brothers, go out into the woods, there is the denouement, Nick and Monroe are there to save the young girl, ruthless’s brothers are wounded and captured, the now sixteen year old abductee is safe, Nick takes her home to her adopted mom. Tears, hugs, a cute little pink barrette, all good. Last scene: Nick home in bed with Juliette, she’s amazed her found her. All done. Really? WHAT ABOUT THE GUY IN THE BASEMENT? Sheeze. I tell you. This will bug me for a while!