so, no, I didn’t write on Monday. Brain overload, well, no, not that. It’s more like processing. I need to process the information. Sort of like marinating meat, i.e., marinate |ˈmarəˌnāt|verb [ trans. ]soak. Yep. That’s it. Soak. Soak in, through, around and go deep.

One of the best things about the workshop with Cheryl Klein was the opportunity to focus on my own WIP and by that I mean think about what she was saying in relation to my own writing.

What a gift! Made me think that even though there were fifty people in the room, it felt very intimate and personal. This workshop, co-sponsored between SCBWI Carolinas and SCBWI Midsouth,  gave new meaning to plot, both action and emotion.

There were two teaching methods she provided, making this possible. One, via the pre-conference assignments, I worked so intimately and completely with my story that as Ms. Klein made comments about types of plot, or the inciting emotional event of the story, I was able to *know* exactly where that was in mine. And, two, by telling us right up front she would be giving us access to her presentation, all 82 pages, it was not necessary to take notes about anything other that what jumped out in relation to our story.

So. I’m off to marinate some more. Soak, souse, immerse, bathe. And end up with a superior work than I ever imagined.