turn signals…

I’m pretty sure there are turn signals on every car on the road today. Well, maybe not the antique cars, like the Model T’s and so on, but every other car on the road. And yet, it is amazing how many drivers fail to use them. Talk about a lack of civility!

Ah, but you’re thinking, this is a little thing, the real problem is in politics or cable news shows. No. I disagree. Our politics have been bloodthirsty since the beginning. Good lord, it took a war for us to be a country. And then it took years, years I tell you, to get the whole federal versus state thing worked out and that only lasted until the middle of the 1800’s. True, slavery was a part of that, sadly true. But at issue too was states rights. And that issue is still out there, states are suing the federal government over the health care bill. So, to quote Lucy, Good Grief! does anyone really read their, no, our history? And our history shows that we can disagree. ┬áBut history is not the subject. The devil is in the details. Or. It’s the little things that count. Would you think the world more civil if the people you meet said ‘excuse me’? Or ‘thank you’? Or just ‘please’? I think the answer is yes. We can turn off the politics, the cable news shows. But it would be very hard to turn off our interactions with others.

Back to turn signals. LOL, a personal crusade of mine. Signal to move lanes and to turn. Not tough, you don’t even have to put your arm outside the window!