Years ago when Meghan was in middle school, she was on an Odyssey of the Mind team. The graffitigirls picked the classic problem which had to do with Pompeii. Someday, lol, if you meet Meghan ask her to say the rap they made up. Anyway, one of the things we all learned was that Pompeii was full of graffiti. What I remember most is the graffiti because the girls had to research the whole point and mimic it in their scenery and play.

Graffiti is a noun. Writing or drawings scribbled, scratched or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place. Originally from the mid 19th Century, italian, ‘graffio’ meaning ‘a¬†scratch‘.

today graffiti

‘Course, the main kind of graffiti you think of it the kinds on subway walls, beside highways, in the downtown areas of big cities,¬†on high school buildings. This kind. Until Meghan was on the OM team, I though this was rubbish, but I’ve come to appreciate the art and the creativity.

graffittiSo when we arrived in Hawaii, we found a different kind of graffiti, sort of eco-friendly and non-invasive. Go to Hawaiian Rock Graffiti. This is a lot of work. First you have to go collect all the white rocks. Then you have to find and open space. Then you have to go out and do it.

Not as a creative as the one on walls in color, but still, it is pretty neat!

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