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south point

A remarkable state. Hawaii is the most isolated population center in the world, thousands of miles from just about everywhere.  So. The question is, how can you come to the most western state of the United States, and not see the most southern point of the United States?

Tree near South Point

WindfarmAh, you thought that existed on our continent? No. Here it is simply called South Point. To get there you drive miles along a two lane road that mirrors the land, twisting and turning, through a couple of national preserves, past a macadamia nut farm to South Point Road. And you still have twelve miles to go. Off to the right are wind turbines, tall, clean lines, long propellers, elegant in their gathering of wind power. The row of turbines turning in the wind is almost poetic. A perfect spot for wind turbines as the wind blows so fiercely there that the trees grow sideways.


Trying to open the car door if the wind is blowing toward you is a real challenge. Sadly, on the day we went, the state of Hawaii decided to IMG_0172repave part of the road so we could only get within a half a mile. Still, a much different type of beauty. The day before the richness of a rainforest and then the beauty of the plains and the sea. Visiting the big island is sort of like going to all of Hawaii, in one place.